Films for the Planet is a Video on Demand (VOD) online platform providing the best in environmental and social action films. Subscribers have access to the highest quality content for social impact, perpetual learning and community engagement as well as real-time events that draw upon a network of leading filmmakers, story activators, thought-leaders and topical scholars. Films for the Planet promotes globally connected storytelling that inspires generative discourse and positive action.

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    The butterfly effect is a theory that everything matters - a minute localized change or single occurrence, no matter how small can make a difference and have large effects elsewhere – even changing the course of the universe forever. Our stories reveal larger patterns or metanarratives about our big challenges, and opportunities, in a world of accelerating change. These stories call us to a high stakes planetary adventure – an adaptive learning journey that compels us to ask questions we’ve never asked or to take action we’ve never dreamed or dared.